What is BGC Decentralized Investment Fund?

Gold is an asset that has a long history, is limited, and is considered low-risk and safe from the perspective of traditional investors. Therefore, it is considered a precious commodity and its price has increased significantly over many years. On the other hand, digital currencies are emerging and despite their sharp price increase over the past years, they are still considered risky and uncertain from the point of view of traditional investors. The Binvest team in this fund aims to use the fluctuations of these two asset classes relative to each other and increase the value of the fund by allocating a large part of the portfolio to gold and a small part of the portfolio to digital currencies. The slow and steady increase in the price of gold, which is a low-risk and safe asset, along with the sharp fluctuations in the price of digital currencies, creates an attractive portfolio for investors. This fund is suitable for investors who are looking to have a low-risk portfolio while allocating a small portion of it to high-risk assets.


Goal The BGC fund aims to increase the fund capital by using the cryptocurrencies and gold fluctuations.
Fund Risk The major portion of the fund is allocated the gold having a low risk, and the fewer portion is given to the cryptocurrencies having a high risk.
Fees 1.2% of the gain as management fee.
Denomination assets DAI
Strategy The BGC fund strategy is balancing the gold-cryptocurrency capital in the various periods in order to increase the fund value.

Investment procedure in BGC fund

Step one

Setting up a private software wallet

Step two

Depositing money in the private software wallet

Step three

Connecting the software wallet to the Enzyme website

Step four

Depositing the money in the BGC fund on the Enzyme website

Step five

Insuring the assets using unslashed

Request for investment consultation

Request for investment consultation

If you are willing to have a reasonable gain in the cryptocurrency market with a controlled risk level, without transferring your assets to investment management team, please send the request now.


Are cryptocurrencies going to be forbidden?

Bitcoin is a decentralized and distributed system. It means that neither a person nor a government has created it therefore no one can control it alone. But if all big countries (like USA, China, Russia, and…) decide to ban cryptocurrencies completely at the same time, then the cryptocurrency market might hurt badly. But it seems so unlikely as evidences show that big countries are not willing to ban Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. They want to use the new technology for their economic purposes. For example, China has introduced the digital Yuan and it is not unlikely that they use it extensively in near future. The US government has announced officially that they won’t consider any prohibition on the cryptocurrency market and instead they try to regulate it.

Is investment on crypto legal in Iran?

Cryptocurrencies are neither banned nor regulated in Iran. It means that trading and investing on cryptocurrencies are not illegal and people can do it by accepting the risk.

Why Binvest uses the Enzyme platform?

Approximately 230 million dollars are being managed in different Enzyme platform funds (in March 2022). Besides, Enzyme is audited and approved by the best safety companies in the crypto area and smart contracts. It ensures the safety of the Enzyme platform. After investigating many platforms, Binvest team decided to create BGC fund on Enzyme platform.

How safe is the Enzyme platform?

Ethereum blockchain has proved to be safe in recent years and now could be considered as the safest one. Enzyme platform which works on the Ethereum blockchain, uses the Ethereum safety network and is very secure and is audited and approved by the best safety companies.

Is there any limitations for Iranian users in Enzyme?

Enzyme is a decentralized platform and Iranian users had no access limitations and use Enzyme decentralized platform so far. But it is recommended that Iranian users use a VPN (with a permanent IP from outside Iran) for using Enzyme and other foreign platforms to be on the safe side.

Is any contract signed for investment so that I can be more assured?

A smart contract is signed between the fund and the investor on Ethereum blockchain through Enzyme platform. As a matter of fact, smart contracts are far better than any other kinds of contract. All terms and conditions are made clear while signing the smart contract and none of the parties can do anything against the terms in the smart contract.

How long has Binvest been working?

Binvest was founded officially in 2019.

Who has access to money? Me or Binvest?

A smart contract is signed on the Ethereum blockchain between you and Enzyme when depositing the money in the BGC fund. Your money is locked in the smart contract, meaning that neither Binvest nor Enzyme can withdraw your money.

How can I make sure that Binvest cannot withdraw my money?

A smart contract is signed on the Ethereum blockchain between you and Enzyme when depositing money in BGC fund. Your money is locked in the smart contract, meaning that neither Binvest nor Enzyme can withdraw your money. You can also invest on BGC fund by reading the terms and conditions regarding Enzyme smart contracts on the following website link.

Can I withdraw my money at any time?

Yes, it is possible for BGC fund investors to deposit and withdraw their assets at any time without any restrictions.

Can I receive consultation in a physical meeting?

Yes, just fill your information by clicking request for consultation button to make arrangements for a physical or virtual consultation. Binvest consultants will contact you as soon as possible to make an arrangement for the meeting.

How much money has been invested in the Enzyme platform until now?

Over 200 million dollars has been invested in the Enzyme platform so far (in March 2022).

How much is the return for cryptocurrency investment funds?

Returns for these funds could be quite different. Each fund has a different performance according to its investment strategy.

How much is the value of the BGC fund?

The AUM (Asset Under Management) of the BGC decentralized fund is over 50,000 dollars as for now (March 2022). This value could be seen in BGC fund page in enzyme platform.

How much profit has Binvest made for investors?

You can find the history of the BGC fund performance in the BGC fund page in Enzyme platform (available from January 2022). But before Founding the BGC fund on Enzyme, Binvest has managed different centralized funds in which overall performance was around 110 percent better than Bitcoin in the last three years.

How much is the minimum amount for investment?

There is no limitations in this regard. But according to the Ethereum blockchain smart contract fees which should be paid when depositing the money into the BGC fund, we recommend an amount higher than 1000 dollars. However, there is no limit for the initial capital. You can invest in the BGC fund with any amount of capital.

Can I increase my capital step by step?

Yes, investors can increase or decrease their capital at any time.

How much is the monthly BGC yield?

No one can talk about a special profit in the cryptocurrency market for a specified period. That is the same for the BGC fund as well. The market trend mainly makes the profit or loss, but the amount of the profit and loss could be increased or decreased by having different strategies. The amount of the profit depends on the market conditions and the exact number and even an estimation cannot be specified. The main goal of the BGC fund is to outperform Bitcoin.

Which cryptos are traded in BGC fund?

Generally, at least 80% of the fund is always Bitcoin. The other part could be either Bitcoin or USD or other top-rated altcoins which are going to be selected by running the BGC special strategy.

Can I observe the activities in BGC fund?

Yes, all BGC fund activities can be observed on Enzyme platform clearly.

Do you buy cryptos with hundredfold or even more growth potential?

The main goal of the BGC fund is to outperform Bitcoin. Certainly, BGC fund choses cryptos from the top-rated projects which are fundamentally perfect. In a bull market, the cryptos which are better according to fundamental analysis will grow better. The growth amount depends on the market condition, and it can vary for each crypto.

Should I pay any fee for depositing in BGC fund?

The BGC fund does not charge any entrance fee. However, you should pay the Ethereum gas fee for signing the smart contract at the beginning. This fee is not constant and depends on the supply and demand of the network to process smart contracts and other transactions, but normally it is around 20 dollar.

How can I invest in BGC fund?

First you should make a cryptocurrency wallet (either hard wallet or soft wallet) and deposit your money in it. Then you should connect your wallet to Enzyme platform. Then you should deposit your money in BGC fund on Enzyme platform. At the end, you can insure your wallet using Unslashed insurance service.