Investment on the future


Investment on the future

Binvest works in the area of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies investment consultation. Investing on cryptocurrencies without knowing the Blockchain technology and its economic model is a high risk. Binvest helps you to invest on the most pioneer technology of the next decade in a safe way.

What do we do!

Binvest has been working in the cryptocurrency area for a couple of years now. The main core of the Binvest team is composed of young and talented analysts who devote their time to cryptocurrency market. Different Binvest services and products provide opportunity for interested investors in cryptocurrency area. These services include giving specialized consultations, setting up and managing an investment portfolio and introduction of new investment opportunities in crypto market and private portfolio management.

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BNF digital currency investment fund

A very low-risk investment plan with an approach to increase the number of bitcoins in the portfolio, which is appropriate for the long-term bitcoin holders.


B100 digital currency investment fund

B100 decentralized investment plan with an investment approach without the need to deposit your capital to the investment management team account.

The advantages of our services

24-hour market monitoring
Professional analysis
Various services
Perfect performance
Risk reduction
Professional market analysis reports

Future Technology

Many economists and computer scientists believe that cryptocurrencies will be the biggest revolutionary innovation in the field of IT after the Internet. A technology that will play such an important role in human life in the coming years that we cannot imagine its absence, just as the world without the Internet is unimaginable now!

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